The Game Dev Journey Continues

Michael Hatfield
2 min readFeb 27, 2023

Over the past 9 months, life has been pretty good. I have been extremely busy teaching high school math and science at a small public middle-school / high-school near my home. In addition I started a game development club with a small group of students interested in learning game development. Unfortunately we are not able to use the Unity game development engine due to only having access to chromebooks, but we have used other game engines such as Construct 3 and GDevelop.

I love learning new things. During my time away from publishing these articles I have also learned a tremendous amount about data analysis (completing the Google Data Analysis certification through Coursera) and data science (completing the MIT Applied Data Science program). Being a math teacher (and enjoying statistics) lead me to those program. But… I still love game development.

The field of educational games and applications is growing rapidly. With my experience in both I can certainly see myself creating VR apps and games that help young people learn about the world around them. From visualizing science experiments (imagine getting covered in elephant toothpaste in VR!) to seeing the mathematics in the structures and in nature.

Tomorrow I plan to start a series of articles covering Unity’s Cinemachine and Timeline; two very powerful tools for creating immersive games. It might take a bit to get my groove back, but feel free to follow along!